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PostAuthor: keith t » Thu Apr 19, 2007 11:53

Absorb - Collection of dissolved wastes by a means of suitable filter medium such as activated carbon.
Activated carbon - A filter medium which absorbs chemical pollutants
Aeration - Introduction of air into the tank, causing agitation of the water surface
Ammonia - A toxic compound excreted by the fish.
Anaerobic - Deficient in oxygen.
Anal fin - Single, vertical fin beneath the rear of the body.
Barbel - Whisker-like growth around the mouth, used for locating food.
Brine Shrimp - Tiny saltwater crustaceans that make first food for fry. Available live or frozen.
Caudal fin - Tail fin, often divided into lobes.
Chlorine - Chemical used to disinfect tap water.
CO2 - Carbon dioxide
Community fish - Name given to fish which an live peacefully with others.
Detritus - Solid waste matter on the tank bottom.
DH - Degrees of hardness
Dorsal - Pertaining to top surface of a fish.
Dorsal fin - Single fin on the dorsal surface.
Dropsy - Scales stand out from the body and the fish becomes bloated. Egg-spots - Egg-shaped markings on the anal fins of male mouth-brooders.
F1 - Fish from WC parents
F2 - Fish from F1 parents
FE -Iron
Filtration - Process which removes toxins from the water.
Fin rot Bacterial disease where the fins rot away.
Flaring - When a fish displays all his fins in anger or spawning.
Flashing - When a fish rubs on objects or substrate.
Forum A place on the internet where discussions, questions and answers can take place in communities.
Free swimming fry = Newly spat or stripped fry that have absorbed all of there egg sac.
Fry - Newly hatched fish.
Fungus - The body has woolly type growths.
Genus -Individual group within a family, containing one or more species.
GH - General hardness
Gill - Respiratory organ used to extract dissolved oxygen from water.
H20 - Water
Hardness - The amount of dissolved minerals in the water. see also DH
Heater - A device which heats and controls the temperature in the tank.
Holding - When a female fish who is carrying her eggs in her mouth and throut cavity.
KH - Carbonate hardness
LFS - Local fishshop
Mbuna - The term used to describe an African rock-dwelling cichlid.
Milt - Fish sperm.
Morph - A natural color variant.
Mouth Brooder - species that incubates externally fertilized eggs and protects fry within the female throat cavity.
Nitrate - The end result of filtration.
Nitrite - Formed by the breakdown of fish wastes. Dangerous, but less toxic than ammonia.
Nuchal Hump - Pronounced forehead on mature male cichlids.
O2 - Oxygen
Oodinium - A disease in fish which causes the affected individual to rub against rockwork.
Pectoral Fins - Paired fins, one on each side of the head behind the gill opening.
Pelvic Fins - Paired fins, ahead of the anal fin.
Ph The measure of acidity and alkalinity of water.
Quarantine - Used for new or sick fish, where the individual is kept on it's own for 2-4 weeks, thus avoiding the risk of disease in the rest of your fish.
Scale - Small, protective platelet covering the fish's skin.
Shoal - collection of fish swimming together, usually of one species.
Soft water - Conditioning of water due to lack of dissolved salts. see also acidic
Spawning - Breeding.
Species - Group within a genus, the members of which share similar characteristics and can breed successfully together.
Spitting - When a female fish releases her fry.
Stripping - When you manually make a fish release her fry or eggs.
Substrate - gravel, rocks or sand.
Swim - bladder Internal organ that automatically regulates natural buoyancy.
Test kit - Used to monitor the quality of pond or aquarium water.
Ultraviolet filter Destroys bacteria (in the aquarium) through exposure to ultraviolet light.
Velvet - Similar to White spot, but spots are smaller. All forms are caused by Oodinium parasites, which respond to treatments.
Ventral - Pertaining to the underside of a fish.
Water conditioner - Removes chlorine from tap water and may also remove or neutralise some metals.
WC - Wild caught fish
Whitespot - A very common - and very infectious - disease, caused by a parasite, where the fish breaks out in small white spots on it's body and fins.( Ich pronounced ick), Ichthyophthirius multifiliis.

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JK - Joke
J/K -Just kidding
JMO - Just my opinion
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TBH - To be honest
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